How To Start Trimming The Fat On Your Legs and Arms

  1. What are you eating every day?
  2. Your What Kind of Exercise Are You Doing?
  3. Your How are you measuring your Diet and Exercise Results?
  4. Your The Mindset of losing Weight (Toughest Part)

What Are You Eating Everyday?

When it comes to losing those love handles are those saddle bags you need to be sweating more in the kitchen more often you’re going to the gym. This comes from the the sayings that you have heard over and over. You can’t out work a bad diet, Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym. These are all true.

When it comes to Americans and a healthy diet is pretty much a joke. American has turned overweight, fast food, over stress people that are constantly on the go and make up every reason why they can’t food prep or workout. You can make choice, change your diet and exercise now or die early. Wow that is pretty harsh right? 610,000 Americans die every year of heart disease. Fact check us here.

You’re in control of whether you live or die so let’s start making better eating decisions so we can be around for those grand kids, right.

  1. Cut out the soda or switch to diet coke in a metal can. We personally struggled with this for a long time. Who doesn’t love the taste of Mt. Dew. Soda is like liquid fat and is very addictive. They sweetness of fake sugar fructose to cover the salt in it. The salt is to make you thirsty so you buy more and they make more money.
  2. Cut out the Alcohol. Why do people drink? Do we drink thinking that their going to get lucky and that handsome ripped guy or sexy girl is going to fall in love them? Once you start eating right and working out, you may change you the way look at people. When spend a part of your week prepping food that makes your body feel good and lose weight then get up early to go to the gym before work, you will not be attracted to those that are not trying to improve their health also.
  3. Cut out the Coffee. Go look at how much sugar there is in Latte and Mocha. That is what is giving you love handles. That sugar is building up as fat in your kidney’s.
  4. Do you cut calories or not? This is dependent on your body and your exercise. If you’re doing something like Crossfit you will need to increase what your eating or you will get hurt. If your not exercising eating more healthy foods can actually be more food but fewer calories. Look into egg whites and lettuce. That leads us into our next topic which is exercise.

What Kind of Exercise Are You Doing?

You can actually do exercising wrong. Dumb way to exercise: Go to the gym and get on machine and hope that you will burn some calories. Maybe pick up a weight and build some muscle. That is not something that works. Some people dig deep down and learn enough to train right but others treat working out as just something you do and hope you lose 5 pounds in a week.

There is a lot of ways to lose fat in those hard to lose areas. People think that you have to do sit ups to get abs. You do have to increase the ab muscle size but first you have to reduce your over all body fat. That can be done several ways.

  1. Find a HIIT program like Crossfit or Orange Theroy. These programs you may only have to go 3 days a week. HIIT stands for High Intense Interval Training. This spikes your heart rate, then brings it back down and then back up several times. This give you a chance to catch your breath and then lose it again. When you do this your opening up the your airways and causing blood to flow. Our bodies were made for this to run away from a lion. Running long distances can cause you to burn fat but it also starts burning muscle. Also when you do HIIT your pushing your muscles really hard on and off and this break down will cause the muscle to be sore the next day. We want that because muscle burns fat. We increase our muscles, we increase our ability to burn fat and keep it off.
  2. Read Books. Tim Ferris has a book called the four body. In the book he talks about how a guy figured out that Micheal Phelps didn’t burn 12000 calories swimming a day. He burn 12,000 calories and didn’t get fat being in the pool. His body was just trying to stay warm. You can put an ice pack on the back of your neck and it will treat your nervous system like it is cold and this can cause fat to be burned.

How are you measuring your Diet and Exercise Results?

The fitness pal app is a great way to track your calories and macros. You just have to scan the bar code of all the food for a week. We don’t eat much different so you just tap on your coffee or protein shake or pre-planned chicken and rice. If you’re on Keto you can know how much fat, protein and carbs there is.

Get a new style scale that has an app. These measure weight, body fat % and more. Don’t get hung up on the number. Just have fun with it. See what happens after you workout. Then what happens after you eat a whole pizza or go out drinking. You will start seeing how your body responds to your lifestyle. We have noticed a few pound weight loss a day or two after working out. We also know when we eat certain types of food we retain more water making us, more heavy.

The Mindset of losing Weight (Toughest Part)

The toughest part to losing weight and burning off that fat that you want whether it is belly fat for most men or thigh and arm fat for most women is changing what you have done for so long. By the age of 35, 95% of your day is things you don’t even think about. You back out of the garage and you don’t even remember looking for cars. You put on your shoes not think about if it was the right one first or the left one first. Daily habits over years become automatic and this includes what we eat and how we workout.

They way you’re going to lose weight is not overnight. Yes you can lose water weight in week and be down 10 pounds but it just comes back. You will lose weight in a 1 to 2 pound a week way. At certain point you will actually start possible gaining weight. What your doing is building muscle and that weighs more than fat. This is where the scale that measures more than pounds helps you understand your still moving forward. Losing weight is a transformation process from the old you to the new you. It takes time. It took time to get fat, it will take time to lose it but each week is a week in the right direction. Take weekly pictures and you can look back at them and know that your making progress. Dump the friends and family that talk bad and make new friends at the gym or running trail that want to go in your same direction. Read books and learn about weight loss. Watch YouTube and try it and see if it works. Change and adapt to this new thinner you and before you know it you will be the person that everyone is asking how you did it, when before they were telling you that you will never lose the weight.