ProtoGen Advanced Brain Formula

ProtoGen Advanced Brain Formula Review:

Do you want to excel at work or school?  Do you feel that you’re smart, but you are not thinking clearly?   Maybe there is a trick you don’t know?  You’re an intelligent person, right? ProtoGen Advanced Brain Formula is a brain/cognitive supplement to help you improve your focus and mental abilities. All we ask is that you read through this entire article before you click the link to get your bottle. Let’s find out more about this Free Trial by ProtoGen!

ProtoGen Advanced Brain Supplement

When you’re competing for the best grade or a job promotion, you need everything you can get your hands on to help you. There are rules in sports that keep people from using supplements that make them better than the rest. In real-world of school and business, there are no such rules to how smart you can be.  The more intelligent and more creative you are, the better you’re at solving problems in a short amount of time.  The faster you answer questions, the better grades or job you will get. Let’s find out more.

What is ProtoGen

What is ProtoGen?

ProtoGen Advanced Brain Supplement! Next Level Nootropic Brain Booster ProtoGen Advanced Brain Formula an all natural supplement or what is know as a Nootropic that helps you remember more and improve brain performance.  Recently a study written in the journal Psychopharmacology in 2000 found that ginkgo improved attention. A 2001 study found in the journal Human Psychopharmacology suggested that it improves memory.  Studies on Alzheimer’s have shown that people can start having memory and brain issues as young as 25 years old.

ProtoGen Advanced Brain Supplement

You can tell when your losing brain focus when people are reminding of dull day to day things.  When you have a lapse in thinking or brain fog, you may blame it on your lack of sleep or maybe use of drugs.  The truth is that as our body ages so does our brain.  That may seem like a simple concept when it comes to cognitive understanding, but what our minds are good at is only thinking the thoughts that we want to really think.

You will see this mental age versus real age in the graph below shows that we start thinking that we’re younger than we actually are.  If you want to look at more of brain distortion watch any fail video where an older man or women try to do something that a 16-year-old would have no problem doing.  Of course, this older person fails in some crazy way, and everyone has a good laugh. What people don’t understand is that person mind is conceiving that it has more mental performance at the age of 45 than they really do.

ProtoGen brain booster
ProtoGen Helps with lack of focus, short memory and improves mental performance.

How do you take ProtoGen?

ProtoGen Advanced Brain Formula recommended dosage is one pill every morning with a glass of water.  This brain-boosting nootropic is 100% natural supplement.  The recommended use of this is for at least 30 days.

ProtoGen Advance Brain Formula

Is ProtoGen safe?

ProtoGen Advanced Brain Formula is a natural supplement.  Even with natural supplements like Nootropic, Adderall and Adderall alternatives, there can be side effects.  Seeking medical advice before taking is always suggested by any and all manufacturers of mental performance enhancing supplements and brain boosters like ProtoGen advanced brain formula.

ProtoGen Advanced Brain Formula
ProtoGen Advanced Brain Formula

What is a Nootropic?

Nootropic was created in 1972 by a Romanian psychologist and chemist, Corneliu E. Giurgea. This was the being of the brain supplement performance enhancement period. This chemist knew that the brain had to reacted differently to different kinds of herbs and plants. They knew that if cocaine and alcohol affected the brain in a non-positive cognitive way, why couldn’t natural supplements affect the brain a way that would increase the mental energy and increase memory or even rebuild mental performance?

Nootropic Countering Cognitive focus
Nootropic Countering Cognitive focus

Why there is so much attention being given to Nootropics lately?

There is really two reason for this uptick in interest in brain-boosting and enhanced focus supplements.

  1. The movie Limitless.  This movie was based on a person that was down and out on his luck.  He was a writer and as all writers tend to do is run into writer’s block.  When he is at his end, he is introduced to a pill called NZT48.  The limitless pill turns him into a very smart individual that changes his habits and can finish the book in a matter of days. Then he focuses all of his time on studying. Once he has knowledge and confidence, he starts entering into different circles of people and from there his life takes off. He is offered great job promotions, and as long as he can maintain on this pill, he can beat the odds and win the game called life.  The question is, is there any truth to this movie.  How do people reach a genius level? Is this movie all fiction or could it be based on nonpublic information?  Let’s take a step back for a second and look at the second cause.
  2. Depression is higher than ever. We have more technology in our hand in the form of a phone than the men who sent the first man to the moon. That being said, we as a society are suffering more than ever.  The fear of failure is so high that people are falling into depression over it.  The use illegal drugs are climbing. Doctors want to know why so many people are unhappy.  What they’re finding is that even smart people are not using what they were given because of all the public ridicule that is occurring on social media. This driving people to shut themselves off from society and when this happens then depression sets in and loneliness. The doctors want to know if there is something that can help these individuals fight back with confidence and knowledge. To get the confidence you need to action and taking action is from some source of knowledge.  Knowledge is obtained by focus and focus comes from your ability to spend long periods of time digesting information. Once scientist started working with natural supplements to improve peoples ability to focus their mind they found that the persons life would change because they had found a new confidence in who they were.


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